Harwich Ships

Harwich Ships

Bell Lines

The Rise & Fall Of Bell Lines  Although the company was better associated with the S.E. Irish port of Waterford, it originated in Dublin. George Bell & Company (Dublin) Ltd. was incorporated on 28th August 1936, although from available sources, … Continue reading

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British Rail/Sealink

British Railways operated a number of ships from its formation in 1948 on a variety of routes. Many ships were acquired on nationalisation, and others were built for operation by British Railways or its later subsidiary, Sealink. British Railways which … Continue reading

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Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab (DFDS) was formed on 11 December 1866 as a merger of the three biggest Danish steamship companies under the leadership of Danish financier Carl Frederik Tietgen. Operations began on 1 January 1867 with 19 ships with Copenhagen … Continue reading

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Fred Olsen Lines

The company originated in Hvitsten, a small town on Oslofjord in Norway, in 1848 by three Olsen brothers, Fredrik Christian, Petter and Andras, who bought their first ships and began an international shipping company. Life was never easy and Norwegian … Continue reading

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Great Eastern Railway

The Great Eastern Railway (GER) acquired Parliamentary powers to operate steamers from Harwich in 1863, some nine years after its line had reached the port. In fact, it had become a ship-owner in the previous year through its acquisition of … Continue reading

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Höegh Ugland

Founded in 1927, Leif Höegh found his opportunity in the growing market for oil transportation. By the outbreak of World War II in 1939 Leif Höegh & Co managed a fleet of 13 ships and had produced an annual increase … Continue reading

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London North Eastern Railway

The London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) was the second largest of the “Big Four” railway companies created by the Railways Act 1921 in Britain. It existed from 1 January 1923 until nationalisation on 1 January 1948, when it was … Continue reading

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Other Shipping Lines

Harwich has long been associated with the sea and its ports at Navyard Wharf & Parkeston Quay has seen a succession of ships from various shipping lines over the years.   Angie Baby  Built. 1954 Imo. 5101421 Yard. Weser Seebeck Class of … Continue reading

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RMT (Regie voor Maritiem Transport)

Regie voor Maritiem Transport (RMT) was owned by the Belgian Government from the outset in 1846, operating passenger and mail services from Oostende and Zeebrugge in conjunction with British Railway Companies using mainly Kentish ports. During the peak summer service … Continue reading

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SMZ (Stoomvaart Maatschappij “Zeeland)

Stoomvaart Maatschappij Zeeland was founded in June 1875 and opened a service from Flushing to Sheerness in Kent on July 26 of that year. However, poor support led to the service being suspended for the following winter and re-opened on … Continue reading

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